The sharing of wealth in terms of knowledge, expertise, exposure and experience in different domains especially human development among commonwealth countries is the need of the hour. COSW has lot of potential to facilitate this through social work professionals available in each country.

Published by COSW

Facilitating social development in commonwealth countries through social work practice

2 thoughts on “Why COSW?

  1. I want to join this Organisation.
    I am retired Assistant Municipal Commissioner of Pimpri Chinchawad Municipal Corporation in 2016 and from March 2017 I am practising Lawyer in all courts .I intrested to work with your esteemed organisation


    1. Thank you for your query and your interest in COSW. I am sorry for the short delay in our response. COSW is run entirely on voluntary commitment which does sometimes affect our response time. We are reopening the register of Policy Members very shortly. I have passed your details to the person overseeing the membership database and we will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks again for your interest. David N Jones


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